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Site and blog now powered by Jekyll + PHP + Apache

Out with the old!

Previously, my site was powered by CF-CMS (my own PHP-based content management system), and my blog was on Blogger. Though both were sufficient, managing the appearance of my blog is much easier when writing code from scratch than when hacking on a Blogger template. Furthermore, using Jekyll is a type of learning experience.

In with the new!

My site and blog are now powered by Jekyll. I’m quite particular regarding some aspects of my site—particularly, the URLs. Therefore, I’m using a small PHP “gatekeeper” that allows me to manage URLs exactly. Ultimately, content is stored as static HTML; but it is “fed” to into the response by a PHP script. While this does create some overhead, my site certainly isn’t popular enough (at present, anyway) for that to matter.

Other functionality achieved by CF-CMS using PHP has now been pushed to Apache via .htaccess.

The long-term success of Jekyll is yet to be seen, as it hasn’t been around as long as more popular (and user-friendly) solutions like WordPress. The fact that GitHub Pages supports Jekyll is certain to lend it a push among geeks, but only time will tell how it will fare.

What this means…

By choice, my blog can now be found at (as opposed to Further wreaking havoc with existing “permalinks,” I’ve changed individual post paths, too.

The Atom feed for blog posts can now be found at

A significant side effect of leaving Blogger for Jekyll is that I no longer have native support for comments. Many (most?) bloggers using Jekyll make use of DISQUS to add third-party support for comments, but I’ve chosen to have no comments for now. The question-mark link at the end of each post is a stand-in, giving a link to email me directly with any comments and/or questions.


I’m happier with the new solution and – hopefully – won’t be changing it anytime soon.

Update (29 Dec 2011):

The code for my site (and blog) is now on GitHub.